content triggers


Here you will find resources to learn about content warnings and triggers, their importance, and various mental health, educational, and community resources.

Watch and Read

Do No Harm: Ethically Designing Emotionally Heavy Games (Games for Change talk)

If you have access to the GDC vault, check out the talk “There Be Dragons.”

Read the story of Bess the 97 year old gamer (partial inspiration for this database) playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you’ve experienced a trauma or have been triggered, take a Tetris break! (Really. Read more in this CNN article.)

Racism in Gaming (video)

Video Game Focused Mental Health Orgs

TakeThis (US)

Safe In Our World (UK)

For US and Allied military and veterans, Stack Up

Help and Self-Care

Games and Online Harassment Hotline

Everything Is Awful and I’m Not OK – A list of questions to ask yourself when you’re struggling

Rootd App – An anxiety and panic attack support app for iOS and Android

Find a Helpline

Learn and Connect

Black Games Archive

Latinx in Gaming

IGDA Game Accessibility SIG


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