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January 31, 2024

We’ve added our debut Database Discussions video featuring Drs. Kishonna Gray and Samantha Blackmon, as well as our Game UX Summit talk to our Articles page! Give ’em a watch and let us know what you think!

January 22, 2024

We’ve added subcategories for “Dehumanization & Objectification” and “Cultural Appropriation” under the Hate & Discrimination main category.

Games are meant to be fun, not things that impact our mental health in a negative way. But too often, players are surprised by traumatic and triggering content that can ruin their day, impact progress they’re making in therapy, or cause panic and anxiety.

That’s why we’re creating this database.

Users can search by content, trigger tag, or game title to find which games or parts of games they should avoid, which they can knowingly and consensually experience, and which they can play without issue.

This project is being built by a small team of volunteer game and mental health experts. We cannot promise to catch and label everything that may be problematic for players, but we’re always happy to receive feedback. We’ve chosen to work with mental health and psychology professionals to include the most prominent triggers found in games that have the biggest impact on mental health accessibility. Please note that some games that have been submitted by developers have not been vetted by our team.

We are not taking community submissions, as we want to ensure that the database remains manageable and vetted. Developers who wish to submit their game to the database are invited to contact us by e-mail for more information.

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