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Players are in the role of a space miner turned space explorer, searching the galaxy for artifacts that give players new powers. Players will manage relationships of a small selection of companions and can pursue intimate and (off-screen) sexual relationships with them. If players choose to do so, there are frequent sexual comments made when players wake from sleeping to restore health or pass time. Players will encounter many alien species that look like insects, including spiders, mites, worms, and roaches. Gun and melee combat results in dismemberment and blood spatter and players will have to kill alien wildlife.

  • Release date: 9-6-2023
  • Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Platforms: Windows PC, Xbox Series X/S
PEGI 18ESRB rated Mature 17 plus

Triggers for this game

Animals & Wildlife

Death & Loss

Drugs & Alcohol

Financial & Resource Management


Law Enforcement

Non-Sexual Abuse & Violence


Religion & Sects

Sex & Erotica (Consensual)

War & Military

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