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Shinkansen 0

In Shinkansen 0 or 新幹線 0号, you're tasked with finding anomalies in the Japanese bullet train (Shinkansen). This is a game in the style of The Exit 8, where you have to spot anomalies as you navigate the train cars with a few characters who give you advice here and there. Be warned — this post may not cover all anomalies! There are two endings, depending on your choices. Special thanks to YouTubers Jacksepticeye, Gab Smolders, & ManlyBadassHero for playing through this game, allowing us to pull a lot of this information from their videos.

  • Release date: 03-23-2024
  • Developer: Chilla's Art
  • Publisher: Chilla's Art
  • Platforms: Windows PC
  • Not rated by: PEGI, ESRB

Triggers for this game

Animals & Wildlife


Death & Loss

Disturbing Sounds & Sound Design


Horror Themes

Mental Health

Non-Sexual Abuse & Violence


Physical Health & Body Issues

Traumatic Events

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