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Plants vs. Zombies (2009)

Plants vs. Zombies pits players against a horde of zombies as they defend their suburban home using an array of plants with unique abilities. Set amid a zombie apocalypse, players strategically place plants along parallel lanes to fend off approaching zombies. With a limited selection of plants available, players must collect sun currency to deploy defenses and prevent zombies from reaching their house. Each plant offers a different style of defense, while various types of zombies present distinct challenges. As players progress through stages and modes, they unlock new plants and face increasingly challenging waves of undead attackers. Special thanks to GamePhobias for pulling together most of the information below.

  • Release date: 05-05-2009
  • Developer: PopCap Games
  • Publisher: PopCap Games
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, MacOS, Nintendo DSi, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Windows PC, Windows Phone, Xbox 360
PEGI 12ESRB rated Everyone 10 plus

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Death & Loss

Disturbing Sounds & Sound Design


Horror Themes

Non-Sexual Abuse & Violence


War & Military

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