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Illusion of Gaia

In Illusion of Gaia, players follow the journey of a young boy named Will, who is tasked with saving the world from an impending disaster. Guided through levels inspired by ancient ruins and Wonders of the World, Will, along with his companions Freedan and Shadow, embarks on a quest filled with exploration and combat. With each character possessing unique abilities, players must strategically navigate through challenges and uncover the secrets of the mystical Dark Spaces. As Will collects artifacts and confronts the approaching comet, he discovers his true destiny and the power to shape the fate of the world. Special thanks to GamePhobias for pulling together most of the information below. Please note that this game was not rated by ERSB or PEGI.

  • Release date: 11-27-1993
  • Developer: Quintet
  • Publisher: Nintendo & Enix
  • Platforms: Super Famicom, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Triggers for this game

Animals & Wildlife


Death & Loss

Drugs & Alcohol


Hate & Discrimination

Horror Themes

Mental Health

Natural Events

Non-Sexual Abuse & Violence


Physical Health & Body Issues

Sex & Erotica (Consensual)

Traumatic Events

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