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Heavy Rain

Delving into mature themes, Heavy Rain is a cinematic psychological thriller exploring complex moral dilemmas. Players assume the roles of multiple characters, each with unique backgrounds, motivations, and abilities. Every decision made by the player shapes the evolving storyline, leading to branching paths and consequences. Through a series of interactive drama and action-adventure sequences, players control four characters from a third-person perspective, with each scene focusing on the experiences of one character. The game's intense narrative is punctuated by quick time events, where split-second decisions can determine the fate of each character, adding layers of tension and suspense to the immersive gameplay experience. Special thanks to vgtriggers on tumblr for pulling together a lot of the information below.

  • Release date: 02-18-2010
  • Developer: Quantic Dream
  • Publisher: Quantic Dream & Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC
PEGI 18ESRB rated Mature 17 plus

Triggers for this game

Animals & Wildlife


Death & Loss

Drugs & Alcohol


Hate & Discrimination

Horror Themes

Law Enforcement

Mental Health

Non-Sexual Abuse & Violence


Physical Health & Body Issues

Sex & Erotica (Consensual)

Sexual Abuse

Traumatic Events

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