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Feedvid Live

In the unique puzzle game FeedVid Live, players interact with a streamer in danger to help him escape a basement. The game unfolds as the streamer, gifted a subscription by a stranger, discovers a mysterious livestream resembling a horror movie set. Soon, the player realizes they are unwittingly participating directly in harm against the streamer — turning them into active participants trying to make decisions to help him, rather than just being mere spectators. Special thanks to Twitter user SoulziesArt for compiling a lot of the below information.

  • Release date: 01-28-2022
  • Developer: Varun R.
  • Publisher: Varun R.
  • Platforms: Android, Linux, MacOS, Web Browser, Windows PC
  • Not rated by: PEGI, ESRB

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Disturbing Sounds & Sound Design


Horror Themes

Mental Health

Non-Sexual Abuse & Violence


Religion & Sects

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