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Don’t Starve

Don't Starve thrusts players into a dark and mysterious wilderness world, where survival is paramount. As Wilson, a Gentleman Scientist trapped by a demon, players must navigate through a strange and dangerous environment, utilizing science and magic to stay alive. Collect resources, craft items, and build structures to adapt to the ever-changing landscape and fend off surreal creatures. With no special abilities beyond his magnificent beard, Wilson must rely on wit and ingenuity to unravel the mysteries of the Constant and find a way back home. Special thanks to GamePhobias for pulling together a lot of the information below.

  • Release date: 04-23-2013
  • Developer: Klei Entertainment
  • Publisher: Klei Entertainment
  • Platforms: Linux, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One
PEGI 12ESRB rated Everyone

Triggers for this game

Animals & Wildlife


Death & Loss


Horror Themes

Mental Health

Non-Sexual Abuse & Violence


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