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Amanda the Adventurer

In Amanda the Adventurer, you play Riley Park, who recently inherited their deceased Aunt Kate's house. Exploring the attic, Riley discovers the mysterious VHS tapes of "Amanda the Adventurer," which gradually reveal darker secrets lurking beneath the surface of the seemingly innocent show. Play through the VHS tapes, solve puzzles, and answer the questions the right way, and you might just survive.

  • Release date: 04-08-2022
  • Developer: Mangledmaw Games, Arcadim, & SinisterCid
  • Publisher: Mangledmaw Games, Arcadim, & SinisterCid
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Windows PC
PEGI 7ESRB rated Teen

Triggers for this game

Animals & Wildlife


Death & Loss

Disturbing Sounds & Sound Design

Drugs & Alcohol


Horror Themes

Mental Health

Natural Events

Non-Sexual Abuse & Violence


Physical Health & Body Issues

Religion & Sects

Traumatic Events

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